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How Eating Vegetables Can Help During Cancer Treatment


Healthy Living Today 

Featuring a guest post by Kaitlyn Teabo.  Kaitlyn is a writer for The Mesothelioma Center.  She combines her interests, writing, cancer research and emerging scientific technology, to educate the mesothelioma, community about asbestos and its related diseases." 

If you are battling cancer, you know that cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation or tumor removal surgery are designed to guide you toward recovery, but they can also be hard on your body. Eating vegetables and an overall healthy diet is a well-known way to combat the symptoms of some cancer treatments, but maintaining a plant-based diet while undergoing treatment may be just as effective if not more effective in overcoming the effects of treatment.
An all plant-based diet consists of vegetables, fruits and whole grains, and eliminates the consumption of meat, eggs and dairy products, and is often called veganism. Vegetarianism is very similar; however, this is a plant-based diet that may include eggs, milk and dairy products. Adopting a plant-based diet does not necessarily mean you should become a vegetarian or vegan, but that you should try to consume more whole foods and less processed foods or foods from animals.  

Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet during Cancer Treatment

There are a number of benefits associated with a plant-based diet while undergoing cancer treatment, including:

  • Vegetables and fruits provide a significant amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which will strengthen your weakened immune system.
  • Plant-based foods are rich in phyto-chemicals, which are naturally-occurring cancer-fighting compounds.
  • Whole foods retain more of their original nutrients than their processed counterparts
  • Plant-based foods are lower in saturated fats than processed foods or foods from animals.
  • A plant-based diet may lower your cholesterol and blood pressure levels.
  • Whole grains, vegetables and fruits are a good source of fiber, which is linked to the reduced risk of cancer.

Cancer Remission through a Plant-Based Diet

In many cases, cancer patients have made it to remission by eating a completely plant-based diet. One of these cases includes the story of Anthony Sattilaro, M.D., which can be found in his book, Recalled By Life. Sattilaro was diagnosed with prostate cancer when he was in his 40s. After his initial diagnosis, he underwent traditional cancer treatment consisting of various drugs, but the cancer spread throughout his body and he was told that he should prepare for death.

Sattilaro became severely depressed and it was not until he picked up a couple of hitchhikers that his spirits rose again. After much small talk, one of the hitchhikers mentioned that eating an all-plant diet would help him recover from cancer. With nothing to lose, Sattilaro began to change his diet and after 18 months, a CAT scan provided evidence that his body was clear of cancer.

The foods that you eat during cancer treatments are vital to your overall recovery. While eating vegetables and fruits will aid in recovery, maintaining a plant-based diet just might make the biggest impact in your journey to recovery.


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We Only Have One Body

Optimum Health

There are choices we all can make to give ourselves the gift of optimum health and well being. Taking personal responsibility to care for your body begins by educating ourselves in healthy living. So many factors contribute to being equipped to care for your body. Many bad choices in the health arena will lead to disease. 

This article is set up to consider some key components and choices to consider which will lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Habits 

MOVE THAT BODY - Our bodies were created to move. Many people work in situations where they sit all day behind a computer. If you have a non-physical job it is vital that you carve out time to get your heart rate up and tone your muscles.

RELAX - Your mind and body needs a break. Learn how to relax through using some relaxation techniques. 

EAT HEALTHY - Making sure you get all of the food groups into your meals during the day. The more raw veggies and fruits you eat the better. Most people just rush through life eating what they want to eat, working too many hours, sleeping when it's convenient and sitting around being lazy whenever they choose . Most of us have never stopped to consider how the choices we make each day will affect our future health . Many people take no personal responsibility for these bodies we were entrusted with ... Then one day an illness hits and health needs come to the forefront.

I don't think I need to persuade you that exercise is good for you. Exercise and health go together like a horse and carriage. We have been taught from the time we were in elementary school that we need to move that body.

The key is to find the motivation to do what we already know we need to do. What would it take for you to move that body? There are many avenues to choose from when it comes to activity. If you like sports then the choice is easy. A game of tennis, swimming at the YMCA, soccer or baseball with your friends will give you plenty of body movement.

Working on a particular part of your body that is flabby or out of proportion? Search You tube for an exercise music video with instructions and demonstrations that will target your problem area. Join a workout club and enjoy being with others as you exercise.
Walking is great for cardio health. A doctor just recently told my friend that she needs to walk 40 minutes a day or her body will accelerate in the aging process.


If you work long hours and tend to be a workaholic, listen to your body when it is telling you to relax. Pushing through on a continual basis will shorten your life and greatly reduce your quality of life
Long hours filled with stress throws the nervous system out of balance. Relaxation techniques will help you get it back in sync for a healthy body. It will also reduce stress and we all know that stress kills.
The relaxation response is more than taking a nap or flopping on the couch. It is a mentally active process which, when applied will leave your body calm and relaxed.


Relaxing music has the ability to take you from tense to serene. As you listen to the music practice this breathing technique. Take a slow deep breath in through your nose as you count to five. As you breathe in imagine the air going to your stomach. Your stomach will balloon out. Now hold your breath as you count to five. Slowly let the air out through your lips. Repeat the process while listening to relaxing music. Your heart rate will slow as you practice this relaxation technique.
A full body message is the just the thing you need after a stressful day in the office. Your massage expert is trained to work the knots out and restore your sense of peace and balance.
Meditating and purposefully concentrating will slow your brain down when there are a million thoughts running through it. My form of meditation is allowing scripture to fill my mind. The best thing is to memorize a few verses or passage and then it is tucked away in your heart to be pulled out whenever needed. This practice of meditating on scripture fills me with life, truth and hope. I am currently memorizing Psalm 1.
Practicing relaxation techniques reduce stress symptoms by:
  • Slowing your breathing rate
  • Reducing stressful emotions like anger and fear
  • Increasing blood flow to major muscles
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Slowing heart rate
  • Improving your concentration
  • Reducing muscle tension and chronic pain
As you read the list above do you understand that relaxation is not a luxury, it is a necessity. So to get started sit back relax and listen to the video I've posted. Do your breathing exercises to the rhythm of this angelic piece of music by the Cyltic Women.

Food and Supplements

Consider your eating habits. Do you live to eat or eat to live? We live in the land of plenty ... plenty of fast foods, plenty of fatty snacks, plenty of ice cream, candy and more. Junk food is just too convenient and luring for most of us to resist.
Many people say they are too busy to eat right. Living in the fast lane means grabbing donuts on your way to work, eating snacks at your desk then stopping for fast food on your way home. The pressure of the day takes precedence over any thought about the food we put in our mouths.

If you are using the excuse that you don't have time to think about eating healthy ... I suggest you think again! There are frozen foods available today that list calories, fat grams, carbohydrates and more. With brand names like Weight Watchers, Healthy Choices, Lean Cuisine and other food companies creating yummy packaged meals - it 's easy to stay on track and eat healthy.Visit your local mom and pop health food store to get healthy bars.

Make sure you are taking a whole food, chemical free organic vitamin supplements. Add to it a mineral supplement.

Take the time to watch the video below if you have NO clue what the difference between processed and whole foods.

Take Responsibility

MOVE THAT BODY - Choose an exercise plan that makes you feel good. Forget what Joe is doing at the YMCA. If you like to walk the stairs at the Dunes ... then that is what you should do.

RELAXATION TECHNIQUES: Keep stress at bay. Stress will accelerate the aging process. Stress messes with your emotions and can take years off your life. Try to see the positives in every situation. Even if something difficult happens in your life there is always a lesson to be learned or a perspective to be sharpened through the experience. You get to decide how you think about a situation - you have control over your thoughts. Reign them in and choose to be positive even in the hardest of times. Relaxation Techniques will aid you as you bring the stress down and bring your body into balance.

HEALTHY EATING - Educate yourself about the food you put into your body. It is either going to build or tear your body down. Watch the video above to begin your education.
Taking responsibility for your health will take a commitment and some planning. Once you place your health as a priority you will no longer eat without thinking, sleep whenever you feel like it or sit around and be lazy just because....Choose this day to take care of YOU! Learn all you can to nurture and care for the body entrusted to you. Choose a Healthy Lifestyle and make wise food choices that will care for and feed your body.

We only get one body - this one body. Let's commit to seeing that we give it our best shot!


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My Weight Loss Story


Dating Years


Trying to lose weight can be a frustrating process. There are so many diet and exercise programs out there . It is difficult to know which program really works.

If you understand the vital role that nutrition plays in your personal health; it makes it that much more difficult to determine if the weight loss program is also good for your body.  

My daughter has battled with weight issues since she started birth control pills just before she married. She has a very interesting weight loss story she would like to share.

The two of us worked on writing the story together. As I looked at the pictures she gave me to post, I was stunned and thought "You really have come a LONG WAY baby!"

Her story is AMAZING and we hope it will be an encouragement to those who struggle with weight loss and/or recurring illnesses, Here is her story:

Our Wedding Picture
Wedding Day


For at least 12 years I have been saying, I need to lose weight. It took me all of those years to actually lose the weight and reach my goal. Friend’s have been asking me, “How did you lose all that weight?”

The answer is not a simple one; in fact it is hard to know where to start. I was sick a lot as a kid and I got worse, as an adult. 

The real success in weight loss came to me as a side benefit. In the process of learning about natural health alternatives, to build the immune system and address health issues, I also lost weight. I have finally lost the pounds and I'm at my pre-wedding; pre-birth control weight! :)

In order to begin my story of health and weight loss I’ll need to go backwards. A couple of months before I married my husband, almost 14 years ago, I was put on birth control by my Physician. As a result of the pill I gained 10 lbs. within 1 ½ month’s and had developed small blood clots in my lungs. I was immediately taken off the pill. I was disappointed when I could not lose those 10 lbs. and had to carry them with me on my wedding day.

Pregnancy Weight Gain - Babies and Bloating

Health Crisis

Ten months after Dave and I were married we were blessed with beautiful baby-girl twins; and I was left with an additional 65 lbs. While I was pregnant with the twins I was hospitalized with pneumonia. A couple of months after they were born I had another health crisis. I got very sick with spinal meningitis and was once again admitted to the hospital. My mom and sister took the twins for a couple of months while my husband split his time between the hospital and the babies. I was very close to death but God spared my life. After a long recovery I struggled to get the post-pregnancy weight off. The scales showed that I was going up and down a lot. After quite a few years of dieting and exercising, I came close to losing all of the weight I had gained with the twins. When I got pregnant with with my baby, 7 ½ years ago, I put on another 30 lbs. and my health was still very poor.

A year later, my attention was pulled away from my weight loss issues and pulled toward finding answers for my baby’s health crisis. When she turned a year old, she got very sick with an ear infection and pneumonia. She was put on an antibiotic which quickly developed into a severe rash. The physicians tried three other types of antibiotics and with each one her hive-like rash worsened. She was pulled off all medication when the physician diagnosed her with Stevens Johnson’s disease which is a very serious and dangerous illness.

My little girl had huge blister’s (looked like she had been burned) all over her body from head to toe; her eyes were even swollen shut. I learned that she got this disease as a result of being allergic to antibiotics and possibly Motrin. I didn’t know anyone could be allergic to antibiotics! I Thank God that her little body healed and the ear infection and pneumonia were gone. The scary part of this whole thing was that her physician said she did not know what they will do for her when she gets sick again.

I was frightened. If my baby girl could not take antibiotics what would happen to her the next time she got sick? How could I keep my baby healthy? The thought of her getting sick was very scary to me. These questions sent me on a mission to find information about healthy alternatives.  I’m happy to share that my little girl is now a very healthy child and when she gets sick I’ve been able to use the holistic approach to nurse her back to health.

Health Issues

As I wrote earlier, my health still was not good at all. I was put on all kinds of medications that never helped me. 

I struggled with lung issues and ended up in the hospital at least 4-6 times a year. I had severe breathing problems which resulted in pneumonia, bronchitis, pleurisy and pericarditis (fluid around the heart). 

My family Physician and pulmonary specialist just told me I have very bad lungs and the nurse practitioner told me I had the worst lungs she has ever seen. They put me on inhaled steroids and albuterol, saying I would need them for the rest of my life. 

Along with this good news they told me I could not go out in the cold without covering my face with a scarf; If I breathed in one breath of cold air my lungs were affected, that’s how sensitive my lungs were.


On top of the lung issues I was dealing with hormones that were out of balance. My family physician was not listening to me. I wanted alternatives and did not want to be on meds the rest of my life. I didn’t want to take meds to cover up my problems; I needed them fixed!

Four years ago I switched Doctor’s. Although my previous physician was convenient and only a mile away from me, my health was not improving. Upon a recommendation I decided to make an appointment with a Doctor who was located about an hour away.

Although I was nervous to be so far away from my doctor, since I used to go to him monthly with all of my problems, I chose to drive to this doctor because he was willing to help and he really listened to me. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I found a physician who was not only willing to take me seriously and listen but helped me get off ALL my medications too.

He addressed my hormone imbalance first. After having my blood work/saliva tests done he found I was extremely deficient in progesterone and Vitamin D; these two imbalances alone could have been the reason I couldn’t lose the weight and contributed to my breathing problems. On top of those issues I had hair loss on the front top of my head…not cool!

The Doctor explained that all of these things were treatable and he gave me options. He put me on a natural progesterone cream and on vitamin D supplements. Doctor Stempky also diagnosed me with GERD. The GERD’s was affecting my lungs, which was one of the underlying causes for my lung issues. The medical community would have put me on acid reducing medication for the rest of my life. … As I studied on Dr. Mercola’s Website and researched I found that these pills are actually acid blockers and that people with GERD’s don’t have enough acid to begin with.

The acid reducer would take care of my symptoms but it would also keep my body from absorbing the nutrients in my food. Dr. Stempky also allowed me to work with Jyl, a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, to get my GERD under control using holistic alternatives. I’m happy to say that I no longer have issues with GERDS!


This story was not easy to write, there were many steps to reaching my weight loss goals with lots of twists and turns. Turning my focus to being proactive with my health resulted in many changes in my life.  I changed the way I feed my family. I wanted to establish healthy eating habits. I made little changes, one at a time as I taught my family about the importance of a healthy diet. I started out by getting rid of all white bread/rice and white sugars. I have taken it even further, in the last 4 years, 90% of what I buy is certified organic whole foods which have not been processed and are free of chemicals, preservatives, hormones and GMO’s (genetically modified foods.) My goal is to serve my family lots of fruits and vegetables, mostly raw; we also drink lots of purified water!



One of my 'life-savers' during this process was substituting two meals with a healthy smoothie. 

I have always loved smoothies and I got very creative with them during this time. I made banana smoothies, strawberry smoothies, strawberry banana smoothies and fruit juice slushy.  

The nutritional basis for all of the smoothies is a really delicious protein powder mix. I've tried many types of protein mixes ... this one is by far the best. Here is the basic recipe:


  • 8 oz.milk
  • 1Scoop Replace
  • 6-8 ice cubes
  • 1/2 banana on hungry days (optional)
  • Plain Yogurt (optional)
Mix all ingredients in a blender. I have a 2 cup blender that works perfectly and makes the clean up easy. Pour into large glass and enjoy! This protein rich drink got me through the thick of my food cravings. It honestly tastes like a milkshake and it's hard to believe that it is healthy. I still make them, only once daily now, because I crave them and they satisfy my sweet tooth.

  • 3/4 cup any 100% Fruit Juice
  • 1/4 - 1/2 cup strawberry yogurt
  • Handful of ice (experiment)
Pulse grind in your blender. The consistency of this drink is exactly like a slushy. It is so refreshing. When I get a thirst craving, a pink grapefruit slushy hits the spot.  A fruit slushy is NOT a meal replacement: 1/2 cup fruit juice equals 1 serving fruit per day.

 Exercise and Clean Air

There are many different decisions and life changes which pushed me toward a healthier life. After Haylie's and my health issues were addressed, I added exercise to my healthy eating habits. I began running 4 years ago. When I first attempted running, using our local track at school, I couldn’t even make it 50 yards; I was so out of shape/breath. I just stuck with it and by the end of that year I was running ½ of a lap!

I also use an air purifier which has helped me with my allergies/lung problems. About two years ago I added an HVAC probe, that cleans the air in the ducts, and have not had to go to the hospital since.

My Doctor cannot believe how far I have come; he said I am in very good health! He is very happy with my progress. In the last few years I have only seen him for a physical. I have continued my running and I’m happy to say I can now run 3 to 4 miles with no lung problems.

I’ve been free of lung issues for the last 2 years! Although I was told my lungs could not handle the cold air - I now RUN in the cold. Last Thursday was the first time I ran in the cold, I ran 3 miles with the outdoor temperature at 40 degrees. Sunday, I ran 3 miles with the outdoor temperature at 26 degrees.

I want to thank my husband who never made me feel bad about my weight and he never treated me any differently. He only encouraged me. There are several people and sources that helped me.

I found a holistic physician online, Dr. Mercola, who helped me understand alternatives to medication. I am thankful that he shares his knowledge on his website. I use him often as a resource. Click on his name above to read about his background. Type in any health topic in the search box and you will find all of the articles written on a particular health issue.

Another resource I follow is Dr. Oz, who is open to alternatives and is very up on the latest information on health. I have also found a Certified Holistic Health Practioner, Jyl, who owns a Health Food Store called Lakeshore Natural Health. Jyl, along with her daughter Rebecca, has helped our whole family with health issues ranging from nutrition to natural treatment for sun allergies, ADD, lack of focus, GERD’s, arthritis, hormonal imbalances and more.

My new goal is to firm up and tone. Hoping for a 6 pack! I follow Rob Martin on facebook. Rob is serious about health. He is a personal trainer and family friend. I also gather helpful information and tips by reading weekly newsletter.

Wow, this was way more detailed than I thought it would be - I hope it encourages you.


Source: My Pictures
Source: My Pictures


New Clothes!
New Clothes!
Source: My Picture

Recommended Reading - Doctor Mercola

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Proper Nutrition Can Help in The Fight Against Cancer

Jillian McKee

Complementary Medicine Advocate 

Read about Jillian

Healthy Living Today is featuring a guest post by Jillian McKee. Jillian is a Complementary Medicine Advocate at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance She possesses a wealth of information about battling against Cancer.  Thank You Jillian for writing such an informative article for us today. 

The Fight Against Cancer 
Faced with the diagnosis of a terminal illness like cancer, some people give up. Through stories told by family and friends, they mistakenly come to believe that no one can fight “The Big C”. There's a hidden blessing in being diagnosed with a terminal illness, a secret knowledge learned by nearly everyone engaged in a battle with a dreaded: we fight. You might say it's in our nature to refuse to lose. And, while some do succumb to cancer, millions have learned that a resilient spirit, hope, and a sense of purpose can trump the most aggressive cancers.

Thanks to intensive research, modern medicine now offers a number of effective treatments for those with cancer. Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are giving way to vaccines, genetically modified “T” cells, and micro-dosing due to the latest breakthroughs in materials engineering. Despite all this, your strongest allies in the fight against cancer have been forever.  

Gird Your Loins For Battle
More than two thousand years ago, men would prepare for battle with a strict diet, meditating, praying, and forging their weapons. Against the odds, many triumphed in battles against cancer because of their preparation for battle. Most helpful was a diet rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Foods such as spinach, carrots, beets, and apples can become a form of medicine.

Did eating a nutritious diet make the difference between life and death? Not hardly. The treatments play a larger role than the vegetables you will eat. Still, that nutritious diet helps prepare for those hours of treatment and cruel side effects that result.

The Nature of Cancer
Some of you may think that, because you suffer from leukemia, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, or breast cancer, a nutritious diet may not have the same effects. All people are 99.99% genetically identical to our fellow human beings. Likewise, though cancers vary, all types are virtually the same: mutant cells, unable to self-destruct, multiply so quickly that the immune system can't keep up.

Proper nutrition and adequate rest lead to a stronger immune system, which means, whether you have mesothelioma or melanoma, a nutritious diet will help in the fight.

What Is a "Nutritious Diet?

In everything you do when battling cancer, balance and moderation should be your guides. Rather than eating only a double cheeseburger with a side of fries, try to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet, eat fresh seafood from time to time, and snack on your favorite variety of nuts. Don't forget to include a dollop of positive thinking and a pinch of faith with each meal.

Lastly, your attitude is just as important, if not more so, than the food you eat. If you can believe that you can beat your cancer, half the battle is already won.

Thank you Jillian for caring and sharing your expertise with us today. 

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Skincare Solutions

As women we work hard at bringing out our natural beauty. An area of concern to each of us is the condition of our skin; especially the delicate skin that covers our face. We as women spend boo-Koo bucks to keep our skin looking healthy.  We dream of dewy, youthful and radiant skin. We long to look into the mirror with a smile as we view a vibrant glow reflected back at us.  On the contrary if, while gazing in the mirror, we see a visage marred by blemishes, wrinkles or worn-out looking skin .. we just don't feel prepared or confidant to face our world.

 There are many skin care products on the market to assist you in creating beautiful skin.  There are also many skin care products which contain toxic chemicals that are dangerous to your skin and your health. Most women are not aware of these dangers.  Let me share a list of the top 10 toxic chemicals found in commercial skin care and cosmetic products.
Top 10 Cosmetic Toxins

1.MercuryKnown human carcinogen.
2.Lead AcetateKnown human carcinogen.
3.FormaldehydeKnown human carcinogen
4.TolueneReproductive/developmental toxin
5.Petroleum DistillatesPossible human carcinogen
6.EthylacrylatePossible human carcinogen
7.Coal TarKnown human carcinogen
8.Dibutyl PhthalateReproductive/developmental toxin
9.Potassium DichromatePossible human carcinogen
10.2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1,3-DiolForms carcinogens if mixed with nitrosating agents
It is amazing to me that these types of products are allowed on the market without a warning on the labels. If you value your skin and your health ... please read labels.   For a more extensive list of chemicals found in skin care products go to this website natural skincare authority.

There are many natural and safe products to choose from in today's market.  The safest way, other than reading labels and wading through chemical terminology, is to choose certified organic skin care products.  You will typically find these products at your local health food store.  You can also find organic skin care products by typing certified organic skin care products in your search engine.  Make sure you use ALL of the words - certified organic is the key to finding chemical free and pure products.

Another safe and effective way to treat and address acne, wrinkles, tired looking skin while creating youthful, radiant skin is by utilizing  light therapy treatments.  Light therapy actually works better than Benzyl Peroxide and does not cause skin irritation.  You can receive light therapy treatments through your local dermatologist's office, many spa's and beauty center's also offer light therapy.   My choice is to enjoy light therapy treatments from the comfort of my own home.  There are hand held units available today.  My favorite? I recommend this affordable little product which utilizes blue light to treat acne, soften wrinkles and revive tired looking skin.  Create the complexion you've always dreamed of with light therapy.

Whatever you choose to enhance your beauty; be wise and only use safe products.  I would love to hear from you if you are using a GREAT and safe product that has created GREAT skin for you.

Read more about creating Pure and Beautiful Skin

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Fiber in the Diet

Why Do You Need Fiber?  

Dr. Mercola, who is a self proclaimedfiber guru and our featured authority, states that less than 10% of the people in the United States consume enough Fiber.            

He continues to explain that a lack of consuming quality Fiber has more repercussions to our health than you can imagine .... Did you know that the ability to maintain a healthy heart, to rid the body of harmful toxins and possess a healthy digestive system are all dependent upon eating enough fiber? .... Did you know there are different types of fiber and a variety of ways to get the required amount?

Cancer is on the rise in the U.S. the American Cancer Institute recommends eating 20-35 grams of fiber a day

Fiber is found in a variety of foods. The highest quality of fiber is found in vegetables and the highest quality vegetable you can consume is locally grown and organic. You can also find good amounts of fiber in dry (cooked) beans, oatmeal, whole grain products and bran.
The fiber source that Dr. Mercola suggests and highly promotes is called Psyllium, (water soluble and insoluble). Psyllium is a wondrous, healthful source of fiber which has amazingly been approved and recognized by the US FDA .
Psyllium is a natural fiber grain, not related to wheat, that yields 60 to 70 percent soluble fiber, eight times that of oat bran. Psyllium helps: 
  1. Psyllium has binding qualities which encourage normalization of your bowel movement while supporting your digestive function.
  2. Psyllium's anti-inflammatory activity is helpful with gastric ulcers and its binding properties are useful with treatments for diarrhea, hemmorrhoids and cystistis. Cystitis can sometimes be caused by fecal bacteria created from the diarrhea that migrates up to the urethra.                  
  3. Psyllium can also relieve chronic constipation with habitual straining which often leads to hemorrhoids.
  4. The anti-spasmadic properties of Psyllium can also help with Intestinal spasms.
  5. Do you struggle with your weight? Psyllium bulks up and gives you afeeling of fullness.
Dr. Mercola gives a major warning about the type psylliums out there today. He explains that psyllium is one of the ... most contaminated crops ... out there and unless it is Certified Organic it will be loaded with pesticides and insecticides. His recommendation is a brand called Organic India, which has USDA Organic Certification.
When you purchase Psyllium from Organic India you will be supporting India’s 150,000 Farmers whose living conditions are hugely improved by the implementation of organic farming…
Start eating your Fiber and take care of the body you have been entrusted with. You can find Organic India in most local Health Food Stores - or you can visit them online.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Protect Your Feet

Your feet are very important as they are responsible to carry the weight of your whole body. Most people don't think about their feet .. just take them for granted. But in the great scheme of things .. if the feet aren't protected and fitted into proper shoes you can develop BIG time foot problems later on in life.

The human foot is intrinsically designed and requires special attention. Think about your foot! It is very flexible and strong with the ability to function beautifully as long as you take care of them.

Our feet are very complex. Here are some facts to think about. Your small foot contains twenty six bones (the two feet contain a quarter of all the bones in the body), 33 joints, and a network of more than 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments .. on top of this add a ton of blood vessels and nerves.

What jobs do your feet do? Let's take an ordinary day of walking ... walking brings a force equal to several hundred tons to bear on the feet. Your feet are more subject to injury than any other part of your body.

Though many do not realize it, Foot ailments and pain are among the most common of our health problems. Some issues can be traced to heredity ... but many problems stem from the cumulative impact of a lifetime of abuse and neglect. There is a mistaken belief that living with foot discomfort and pain are normal and expected. They are NOT and if you experience foot problems there are great helps available for fallen arches, Plantar Fascitis and other painful and bothersome conditions. A podiatrist is the expert in solving foot problems.


Are you aware that there are shoes specifically designed for your life's activities? There are walking shoes and a variety of athletic shoes to meet your activity needs.

Do you play basketball? If you do you know that you need special shoes that provide comfort and traction. Basketball shoes are designed to care for your feet while you concentrate on your game. Are you a power player a fast player or an all-around player? A power player needs basketball shoes that focus on cushioning and stability. An all-around player should choose shoes that have moderate ankle support and cushioning. A fast player needs lightweight shoes with moderate support, cushioning and flexibility.Read more: How to Choose Basketball Shoes

Do you Wrestle? Wrestling shoes need to be lightweight, durable, extremely comfortable. IF you want to find some GREAT wrestling shoes I recommend: Nike inflict wrestling shoes. The best wrestling shoes are lightweight and breathable and made from a mesh material. Read more: How to Buy Wrestling Shoes Wresting shoes feel great on the mat and provide everything from flexibility to the the ability to super grip.. To see more styles in wrestling shoes, Check out: Nike inflict wrestling shoes

No matter what sport you are involved in you need the proper shoes to care for your feet. Your feet are the servants to your whole body .. Bless them by taking care of them and they will Bless you with strength and power for your whole life.

To find a wide variety of wrestling and basketball shoes at GREAT prices just click here: Nike inflect wrestling shoes, Nike basketball shoes

Wrestling and Basketball are sports that require support for your feet. I hope my article has helped you understand this and also point you to a great web source with a variety of styles.